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Tracking Services

MadiTrak Fleet Manager

MadiTrak Fleet Manager This is a complete end to end logistics solution incorporating vehicle security and fleet management solution in one unit. It is the most feature-rich device in present day market, with over 80 features. Its key feature is the combination of GPS tracking functionalities and fleet management technologies for an economical solution, which are suited for (Small and Medium Enterprise) SME, Light vehicle fleet, trucks, commercial taxi and courier services and individual car owners’ application for security, control and basic fleet information.

A unique and special feature of the MadiTrak@ BS is its integration with the internet, the web and your mobile phone, providing anywhere, anytime, tracing and tracking as well as online reports generation and analysis.

This Solution, has the ability to monitor various vehicle sensor and with an existing wireless infrastructure, the Solution can be deploy with immediate functionality all around the country, thus providing the Transport/Fleet Managers with a vast variety of real-time activities and information about their vehicles

MadiTrak Fleet Manager Offers

-Locating and tracking -Monitoring status -Remote alarm report -Remote control -User Management

Locating and tracking

Real time location:
Current vehicle location is instantly available by the selection. Location will be displayed on a road map or satellite image with a car. Parking car is black and running red.

Live Tracking by time or distance:
You can live track your vehicle in Real Time for a set time or distance. Tracking interval updates can also be set from 10sec to several hours giving detailed accuracy of the track or Spot location.

All the feedback data are stored in the server for 90 days. Since initial setup, historical Way point can be displayed on the map giving you a track line of vehicle.