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Tracking Services

What is MadiTrak?

MadiTrak is a revolutionary brand offering services in vehicle tracking and monitoring powered by MADISSON ENERGY GROUP employing GPS-based satellite location technology together with terrestrial GPRS/GSM telecommunications infrastructure. This includes private and commercial sedan cars and jeeps, corporate pools, vans, and other light and medium-weight vehicles.


The products employ GPS technology for location information (longitude & latitude), data and time (universal time) and speed tracking. The MadiTrak@ range of telematics also employs an 8 – 16 channel GPS receiver system that gives an average accuracy of 97 – 98% meters.


Tracked location data is then communicated back through the GSM network, using the GPRS/SMS sub-system to a PC installed with vector maps, fleet management software and communications kit for the fleet operator’s tracking requirements control and management. Using the GSM/GPRS/SMS sub-system as a communication channel, the MadiTrak@ range of telematics products is the world’s most cost-effective solution for fleet management by its unique compression technology, which allows as much 26 position information to be sent via one SMS message and also 26 position information to be sent via on kilobyte in the case of GPRS. This is in contrast to the industry’s average of between 8 – 11 positions in an SMS message or in one kilobyte of GPRS package.