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Tracking Services

MadiTrak Tracer

Tracer TC is the first GSM/GPS tracking product that works worldwide. The geographical data is built in so the user’s privacy is guaranteed. Information flows directly between the owner’s phone and the car instead of a 3rd party geographic data server. Tracer TC works with any pre or post paid SIM card and with any GSM phone

Users can be notified of events such as trips, break-ins, towing, ignition on, speeding, and even know if the passengers need assistance. Tracer TC can also be used with trucks, boats, buses, trailers, and motor-cycles

Tracer features:

- Vehicle Tracking and Management - Accurate GPS Satellite Positioning - Personal Assistance Button - SMS Support on any GSM network - In-built Geographical Data - Customizable Locations - MI Love and Fleet software

Only TracerTC offers:

CONVENIENCE: All of the features are available from a normal mobile phone the most common device our customers already own and carry with them. –A PC, web site or PDA is not required to use the system.

ADVANCED FEATURES: Our safety and security, tracking, and performance features exceed all of our competitors products combined.

SECURITY: There is widespread concern about internet security and many firms don’t want the location of their assets available on a public or 3rd party web server. They want control of the information at their location where they can Ensure their data is secure. Due to the fact that the geographic data is built into the unit our product runs without a 3rd party server.