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Corporate Social Responsibility


Our serious believe in CSR has led to the birthing of Dominio Reino Foundation a vehicle committed to community-based development projects. It is increasingly seen that no matter how benevolent, government alone cannot provide all the needs of its citizenry.

The development of the economy of any nation is therefore perceived as the joint responsibility of the government, the citizenry, and corporate entities operating within its boundaries. This statement is just as true for a state.

Community Development as a form of CSR can change lives and even affect generations yet unborn. For example, a scholarship scheme to as few as five (5) people can change destinies tied to these recipients. Likewise investing in a girl-child will help empower women, thus promoting gender-equality; curb abuses, unwanted pregnancies & prostitution.

It is of great importance that women & widows in the rural areas are empowered for the well being of most families, since their immense contribution to the upbringing of the rural-child has been discovered.

Our CSR initiatives are committed to high levels of excellence with a clear vision & passion for delivering outstanding results that build harmonious & prosperous communities