Madisson Energy Group


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About Us

Corporate Profile

The company was birthed out of a deep desire to help organizations solve its operational challenges. It’s very sad to see companies fold up due to ineffective management of resources & manpower.

There is now a global consensus that companies should out-source all business support services to logistics companies in order for them to face their core business activities. This has brought about tremendous profitability & flexibility to companies that have embraced this concept worldwide.

We simply demystify the concept & scope of logistics services to our numerous clients & help them overcome their previous reservation towards “out-sourcing” & the merits of focusing on their core business alone.

Established 1st April 2004, the organization has distinguished itself in excellence by consistently providing quality services through a strong operational ethics extremely focused on the client needs. We have over six (6) years of successful track record with extensive client network across the Nigerian economy & the Gulf of Guinea. We are financially strong & stable with offices well equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure to respond to our clients’ diverse demands.

Our management team comprises of seasoned logisticians with vast experiences in oil & gas global industry standards. Our logistics business consulting services cover but not limited to the following; supply chain management, third-party logistics, warehouse management systems, warehouse control systems, production logistics, manpower logistics, transport logistics, shipping logistics & general agency services.

Due to the prevailing Security challenges & the need to secure the confidence of our clients, we have a Vehicle & Personnel tracking arm called MadiTrak that provides real-live monitoring & surveillance of vehicles, personnel & equipments employing GPS based satellite location technology together with terrestrial GSM/GPRS telecommunications infrastructure.

Welcome to our world of excellence & innovation, where all things are possible to those that dare!!!!